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Ready to take on any project, regardless of scale or scope, our highly experienced concrete contractors in Muswellbrook have the expertise and innovative thinking to offer quality concrete services that will last.

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Fully trained in all areas of concrete, including formwork, fixing reinforcement, pouring, and finishing, our concrete contractors can help you with any domestic or commercial project you may have, including driveways, foundations and curbs.

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With extensive experience in concrete foundations, buildings and repairs, the concrete contractors at P.S. & K.E. Wear in Muswellbrook can oversee all aspects of a concreting job. If you want the job done right you can rely on us for our years of expertise. From choosing the right products to ongoing advice and maintenance our job is never finished until we know that each customer is fully satisfied.

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Allow us to take away the hassle and stress that can come with a building project, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. Our full range of concrete services are complimented by customisable options and the most competitive rates in the Muswellbrook area.

complete concrete works in Muswellbrook

Roadworks - Major projects


  • Round-a-bouts - Brook St & Sowerby St
                                 - Brecht St & Brentwood St
                                 - Bowman St & Brecht St
                                 - Cook St & Brecht St
  • Bridge St Stage 111 reconstruction
  • Wilson St kerbing
  • William St kerb works


  • Howe St intersection
  • McDonalds - Orchard Ave reconstruction.
  • Scone - Park St kerbing and garden beds
                 - Waverly St kerbing
                 - Coolibah St kerbing

Over the years we have provided many unique services to community and businesses.


  • Construction of concrete thresholds
  • Supply and installation of pre-cast walls for playground at Simpson Park
  • All associated concrete and stone works
  • Erection of liberty swing


  • Supply and erection of sandstone walls and signage
  • Sedgefield cemetery
  • Estate
  • “Singleton” sign outside Branxton
  • Repair to Bridge foundation at Cranky corner
  • Construction of headwalls  Broke
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